Back-a-Jumper Sponsorship Form:

Good Day (Sponsor Name)

I’m contacting you today because you are in my direct circle and know me in person,

I, [Jumper’s Name], will be participating in the #Jumping4Petals event to raise funds & sanitary pads to help keep girls in school. As part of this project, I will be jumping 10 kilometers on a trampoline. I’m seeking sponsors/backers to donate to the cause by sponsoring me and/or my fellow jumpers with R10 per kilometer as part of my #Back-a-Jumper campaign. I’m asking for a minimum donation of R100 to back me on event day.

To sponsor me or some of us, please complete the form below:

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Contact Person:______________________________________________________




Name/s of Jumper/s I’m backing:

Pledge per kilometer/Jumper (minimum R10 per kilometer):

Total Pledge:

I pledge to donate the above amount to the Back-a-Jumper campaign, which proceeds is going towards the initiative & purchasing sanitary pads to help keep girls in school or donating to women in safe houses as part of #Jumping4Petals.

Payment will be made to the jumper/studio before event day. (23 April 2023)

Thank you for your support!

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Date: ___________________________

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Date: ___________________________