What is #Jumping4Petals about?

In 2021, Bella Bunz started the initiative to participate as a group in the yearly Spar Women’s Race

by NOT walking, NOT running, BUT jumping/rebounding the 10 km to help keep girls in school!

Here is a small video of 2022’s Race day:


Also to prove that Bella Bunz can endure 10km of rebounding, in your hair – all while doing it for a cause!

With the great success of 2022 we aim to TRIPLE the reach in 2023 and give back to the community by inviting & challenging ALL rebounding studios, like yourself, to JOIN us nationwide!!

See more details about our previous events here:


Why & who are we jumping 4?

For sanitary pads! To help keep GIRLS in school by jumping 10kms!

Your studio/instructor will enter the group of jumpers participating. (This will be hosted similar to a pumped up rebound class). All participants rebound together on the 23rd of April 2023 (Race day) at your local jumping venue or studio. Every jumper is encouraged to invite friends and family to “back” them as a jumper by sponsoring R10 for every km they complete. They can also support you on race day!

Our main goal is to gather as many sanitary pads as we can, to donate to girls and young ladies in your direct area. On event day, you as a jumper will deposit all the pads into your studio’s #Jumping4Petals donation bin and complete the challenge of jumping 10km. After race day, we will report back with how many pads your studio donated and how many ALL of us as the #Jumping4Petals project gathered.

In 2022, our #Jumping4Petals project generated more than 2300 packs of Petals pads!

In 2023, we AIM to GET YOU involved so that we can break the records with the number of JUMPERS and the number of sanitary PADS gathered and donated!

#Jumping4Petals has the ability to evolve in every town, in every city, in every province, and WE can make a difference in ALL communities – NATIONWIDE! Its starts with me, it starts with YOU…

TOGETHER, we can be MUCH more! Let’s make history!

#Back-a-Jumper (4 Non-Jumpers)

Can’t participate as a JUMPER? You can still be INVOLVED!! Join the project by BACKING a jumper and donating R10 for every km they complete! Back 1 jumper or back the group! This is the perfect opportunity for FAMILY, Friends & local businesses to support you and your studio on race day!

1 Jumper with 10 people backing them, R100 x R10 = R1000 and equal to about 60 packs of Sanitary PADS!                                                                Meaning that that 1 jumper can make an impact on the lives of 8 other women 

Back a Group of 10 Jumpers  = R6000 or equal to 1000 packs of pads!                                                                                                                       Meaning that that 10 jumper can make an impact on the lives of 82 other women

Backing 1 Jumper is ALL it takes to make a HUGE difference! Please join the #back-a-jumper thrive!

Want to back our JUMPERS or get involved as sponsor? Contact us on info@jumping4petals.co.za or  061 474 94 87.

TOGETHER we can be much more!