Jumper successfully registered! Yeah!

Congratulations! You are now successfully registered as a JUMPER to partake in #Jumping4Petals project at your Studio!

Uplifting the community, 1 jump at a time! 🙂 What is next?

1. Please PAY your entry fee to your Instructor/Host.

2. Share your Studio’s event day poster & spread the word to family & friends! (You are JUMPING 10kms on a Rebounder for a cause!!)

3. Start your Back-a-Jumper campaign on Social media & contact sponsors/backers!

4.Mark event day, 23 April in your calendar and get excited!

5. Start gathering your sanitary pads!

Tips & Guidelines:

  • Spread the word: Once you have registered, start spreading the word about the event and the Back-a-Jumper campaign. Make a video of yourself, share the details on social media, with friends, family, and colleagues, and ask them to support you and the cause you are jumping4.


  • Set a fundraising goal: Determine how much you want to raise for the Back-a-Jumper campaign and set a fundraising goal. This will help you stay motivated and focused.


  • Reach out to potential sponsors: Consider reaching out to potential sponsors, such as the people in your direct circle, like your hairdresser, nail salon, your local grocery store or favorite coffee shop to ask for their support. The people who know you best will gladly support you! It’s only R100 per supporter. They can also back more than 1 jumper! (R300 for 3 jumpers). Use the sponsorship supporting letter provided by the Jumping4Petals initiative to help you! Don’t forget to reach out to family & friends!


  • Start collecting donations: Keep track of all donations you receive and ensure that sponsors commit to donating the amount they have pledged. Remind them that all donations need to be settled by event day. You will complete a form for all the sponsorships you collected – Prizes for best performance!


  • Share your success: Share the success of your efforts on social media and with the Jumping4Petals initiative. Remember to use the hashtags #Jumping4Petals and #Back-a-Jumper and tag your studio and sponsors involved! The more you involve, the more wants to be involved!


  • Bring your pads & come JUMP: 23 April 2023 is RACE DAY at your Studio! Donate your sanitary pads & deposit your backing donations. (Which will be converted to pads). Ps, completing 10km’s might sound like a challenge but remember to stay motivated and continue to jump on your trampoline to help keep girls in school or donate to women in safe houses. Encourage others to do the same and spread awareness for the cause! The #Jumping4Petals campaign has the ability to evolve in every community and in every town!