Sponsorship Letter (template)

Dear [Business Name],

We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing to introduce you to an exciting community project we are undertaking called #Jumping4Petals. This is a national event aimed at gathering sanitary pads to help keep girls in school or donate them to women in safe houses in your local area.

As a studio, we are hosting this event to bring together our clients and jumpers from all over the country to take part in a 10km jump to raise funds to purchase sanitary pads for girls and women in need. Our goal is to help keep girls in school and provide support to women in safe houses directly in our area.

To make this event successful, we are seeking support from local businesses like yours. There are two ways that you can get involved and support our cause:

  1. Goodie Bag Sponsor: By contributing items for our goodie bags, your business can support our participants and promote your brand at the same time. We would love to include your promotional material in our goodie bags that will be handed out to all our participants. Examples of items you can contribute include samples, discount vouchers, or promotional items with your logo.

  2. Back-a-Jumper Sponsor: By sponsoring one or more of our jumpers, your business can help raise funds for the purchase of sanitary pads for girls and women in need. The idea is that each jumper will jump a distance of 10 kilometers on a trampoline, and sponsors will commit to donating minimum R10 for every kilometer jumped. This means that each jumper has the potential to raise R100 per donator for the cause by completing the 10kms.

We believe that your business would be a perfect fit for our event, and we hope that you will consider supporting us. Please let us know if you are interested in being a Goodie Bag Sponsor or a Back-a-Jumper Sponsor, and we will provide you with further information on how you can contribute. You are also welcome to join us on Race day with promotional items and branding. All sponsors involved will also be mentioned on all social media posts and media publications.

Thank you for your time and considering our request, we look forward to hearing back from you soon.


[Your Name] [Your Studio Name]