Terms & Conditions:

“By participating in this event, you acknowledge and agree that Jumping4Petals initiative and its organizers, volunteers, and affiliates will not be held responsible for any loss of life, injury, damage, or loss of property that may occur during or as a result of your participation in this event. You further acknowledge and agree that you are participating voluntarily and at your own risk, and that you waive any claims or damages that you may have against Jumping4Petals and its organizers, volunteers, and affiliates for any injuries or damages that you may sustain during the event.

By participating in the event, you also agree to adhere to the blueprint’s design and not take any compensation for personal gain. Gifts and goodies sponsored should be used for the event and not for self-enriching, and all lucky draws should be fair and not rigged. Additionally, sponsorship monies should be paid accordingly to the studio, and not used for personal gain.

Sponsors received through the channels of the #jumping4petals initiative may not be contacted for any other event sponsorship unless arrangements and agreements has been made with the  Jumping4Petals initiative.

You further agree not to host a similar event to Jumping4Petals, or make use of the blueprint, marketing material, trade secrets, or methods developed
by the Jumping4Petals initiative or its affiliates for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without prior written consent from Jumping4Petals.

By participating in the event, you agree to these terms and conditions.”